Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Weekly WIP

So this week saw some gaming 3 small 850 games on Friday-  earlier on monday night a 1500 point game against eldar and on the sunday counting backwards 2 games one against blood angels with gabriel seth and one against Grey Knights a draigo wing list.

So the games went well and on the friday night games i found and then fell in love with the purgation squad. If your reading the blog on a regular basis you'll notice on wednesday i started another regular post - The Wednesday tactics post.

So after reading through the article myself I thought heck Purgation squads lets see what they can do. Sure the 24 range can be limiting but! as the article discusses man they can unleash a huge amount of pain- in 2 of the 3 games they played so well- and even in the 3rd game they still caused 6 penetrating hits and 4 glances - it was just the dice gods who saw my opponent save all the cover saves all 10 of them!

Also Paladins!  yeah I'm coming along in the band wagon and for the 1500 point list i'm now furiously working on they are now filling on a very nice gap in my army as far as killing and munching!

So this week hobby progress saw me put together a Purgation squad with a few modifications.

I wanted these guys to have some elite distinctions so browsing the shelves at realm of legends if found these Tabards and shoulder pads by Titan Forge :Titan Forge

So the interesting thing is that these actually fit to the legs like they where mysteriously made with those models in mind "amazing".

Either way the models look great is also used half a set of the cleansing squad shoulder pads

So if your looking for a cool way to add some detail to your units i recommend checking these out they have an expanding range from what I can see.

Also I put together some paladins

These guys will get the heavy tabards from titan forge- they are currently winging their way over from Poland as we speak. 

The other part was adding the banner to my Grand Master.  Its one of the banners from the legion of the damned range which i love the plan is to have a blue flame background on the skulls you may not be able to see it now but its on its way!

So that's it for this week Ive begun work on painting up the 2nd terminator squad hopefully to see them completed by close of this week and then move onto the interceptors.