Saturday, October 17, 2015

Greeks, Romans and Blood Rage !

So between my last post and this one Our darling daughter Eleanor was born!  It has been a very full on two weeks with hospital and then sleepless nights but she is just amazing and in allot of ways life will never be the same..... however she does have this in her collection of bibs:

So maybe some things will stay the same :) 

In between the excitement of newborn and nappies I have been able to sneak in some painting and also a few items have arrived in the post which are very cool as well! 

Greeks, Greeks and more Greeks!  

So First of is some progress on my Greek Project.  As I worked through the process of building this collections I Have been on the hunt first for a unique and interesting battle as well as getting across all the different ranges available. What I have found is that the Vixtrix range has allowed me to enter into the project at a lower cost than an all metal army would but as the sculpts are pretty solid I have been able to also include metal ranges to mix into the units so that I can explore other sculptors and not feel prohibited by cost.

So far the best range I have found is the Foundry Greeks.  By and large I love the character these models have.  Sculpted by  Steve Saleh and Nick Collier with Mark Copplestone they work wonderfully into the victrix range.  One key thing I have done to tie the models into each others is use the Victrix Shields and Spears on the Foundry Models and I personally think this is has been a huge success.

Foundry Greeks from the Athenian Range

Victrix and Foundry Greeks Mixed in all using Victrix Shields and Spears

 With that in mind I am looking at a few more ranges that I think would be able to achieve the same result when mixed in with the base collection of Victrix Models. Right now I am waiting on orders for two collections both sculpted by Steve Salah: Lucid Eye Greeks, and Gorgon Studios Spartans.  In both cases I think its fair to say I'm a big fan of his sculpting style and being able to incorporate these models into the collection will be great :) 

Lucid Eye Greek Hoplite Mercenaries
So hopefully in the next month I will have those acquired and painted for the collection. 

I have also finished a few command stands for the collection and have a work in progress for some unarmored Hoplites to share: 

 Republican Romans

 In preparation for my long service leave I have also begun the process of amassing Victrix and Aventine miniatures for a republican roman project.  I just received 12 republican roman cavalry after I got a great deal on 4 Victrix Box sets from War and Peace Games in Sydney: 

Hastily opened miniatures are fun :)

I Hope to write more about this project in the coming months as I wind up part one of the Greek project in preparation for Cancon 2016. 

Blood Rage!!!!

Last Bit of news is that I received my pledge for the Blood Rage Kickstarter.  Miniatures designed and sculpted by Mick Mcvey of GW Fame and general awesomeness: 

The game is produced by Coolmini or not and while the reviews of the game are interesting the main attraction for me was the miniatures: 

I think what will happen is ill read the rules, think about playing the game then just use these awesome models in Fantasy Dark Age Hail Caesar games.  Ill try and have a review of the game up next month. 

Anyway Hope you enjoyed this fortnights update. 

I hope to have Harley write something about X-wing for the next update.