Thursday, April 24, 2014

Slight Absence and the final battle report is on the way !

Ive been a little quiet on the blog of late - two things where looming, a  due date for an assignment and my Birthday that just past. Yep another year older ! not any wiser though :P

The Dark ages campaign has finished and the final battle report will be up in the next few days- just collecting all the pictures to do the tale justice.

In the meantime there was a dramatic shift in the way I based the models for the Dark ages Project. I have moved from an individual base for each model to a large base. Made allot more sense as I enjoy Hail Caesar and I'm looking to try Impetus as well.  The bases are 120mm frontage and I have some with 60 mm frontage and like my ECW units as pictured above - I have spot to place a dice to track moral hits for HC and other game systems.  I really like how I can now build a little bit of a theme and also really execute the basing allot better so all round I feel a good move.

Below is the latest Viking unit (basing yet to be complete waiting on supplies)- some Bondi with a animated berserk or two at the front- these are shield-wall miniatures and I really do like how they have come out- I have put an order in for more to make up some more viking units as well so expect to see a few more of these models in coming updates. 

 Above here is the 1st Anglo Saxon unit some Thegns a mix of Foundry, Eureka and Crusader -  really happy with these - I have just put an order in for Musketeer Miniatures to get some of the Gedrith ( early saxon heathguard) which will suit for middle Saxon Thegns as well.  So give it another 12 months of hard slog and I should be able to do a battle report with both collections !

The Viking Host all rebased and on display -  I hope to have individual shots of each unit in the coming month to show off all the lads :)

I have  2 Battle reports to put up - the Last of the Dark Ages and a Napoleonic Battle report -  then the club gets into War of the Roses ! And to keep my form I have been messing around with building a Battle of the Earl of Northumberland -  keep an eye out for more these lads :)

Anyway More to come in the next few days hope everyone has a Safe Easter and for all of you who serve in the armed forces and read this blog I and the rest of my lot will be out there on ANZAC day and from me and mine thank-you for your sacrifice.

Cheers JP