Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Arcannacon 2011

Well this year I got the chance to play at Arc 2011 the 14th running of this event.

Im not going to go through a round by round account as to be honest my memory is a little sketchy and I failed again to take a camera to the event to take pictures.

Suffice to say I had a blast and fared very well finishing 13th out of 140 players,  was awarded the best space wolf army award, and had a 4-2 win loss record.

The tournament was well run, the only downside was the heat.  I met some great people and had some great games as well. 

My hat and fez is off the the WATT crew for a great tournament and I will return next year.

A few WIP shots of the honor Guard i'm working on hope to have them finished this coming week