Tuesday, January 1, 2008

In late 2006 I planned to post on a regular basis but that seemed to fail to eventuate as life caught up and overtook the aspirations to create a log of progress. Instead I got married!! But found enough time to forge forward with my collection and now as a new year’s resolution I’m resolving to make the effort to follow my efforts more closely. That is to actually post something!

About the middle of last year I was able to post in the General De Brigade Forum a selection of pictures of the Austrians I've completed with some very wonderful feedback from the lads.

So the plan for next week will be to present 1st brigade of 8th Korp of the Austrian army in Italy during 1809 with some information and do the same there on for the other formations I have in this army. As well as re-visit the French army and finally settle on which formation I plan to follow through with for them!! In the mean time I’ll leave this post with some pictures of the Austrians and of a few games that I’ve played in over 2007.

Happy New Year for 2008 for all and good gaming!

IR27 one of my favorite Infantry Units

A game played around late october which saw prussians taking on french in a built up area! I was on the allied side trying to crack the french defence!!

Merdvelt Uhlans my absolute favorite unit at this point but then I really like lancers hence the plan to do a polish formation!!

And the last unit painted recently Hunagrian Grenadiers loved the paint job on these guys after I finished them and im looking forward to painting more of them :)

Anyway till the next post Regards